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Three Origami Books That Can Take You From Beginner to Advanced 0

Three Origami Books That Can Take You From Beginner to Advanced

People often look at complex origami models and wonder when or if they’ll ever learn the skills needed to fold origami at that level. Some people around me have been folding for many years, yet still shy away from more advanced models. Assuming that the reason why they haven’t folded more advanced models is due to perceived lack of skill rather than lack of desire, I argue that it is possible for anyone to learn and grow into it, provided that they have the right instruction, resources, and practice. In a future post, I’ll cover some tips and practices you...


Four Things That Most People Overlook About Valley Folds

And Why You Need to Pay Attention to Them in Order to Advance Your Origami Skills Sometimes, in order to find the root cause of a problem, which in this case refers to the blocks that hold you back from advancing your origami skills, we need to go back to the basics. Let’s start with the most basic of folds – the valley fold. Even at this stage, you may be overlooking the following things, and though you may not realize it, they are limiting you. The basic starting folds and precreases are crucial for setting up the rest of...